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EqualAI shares Algorithmic Impact Assessment Tool, additional resources for business leaders seeking to implement AI safely and productively
Mar 16, 2023

As businesses begin leveraging Generative AI to boost the bottom line, leading nonprofit organization in the fight against bias in AI launches new resource for responsible AI governance

WASHINGTON, March 16, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- EqualAI®, a nonprofit organization and leading voice for responsible AI governance, today announced the launch of the EqualAI Algorithmic Impact Assessment (AIA). This new resource will help organizations of all kinds implement the recently-released U.S. Department of Commerce's National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) guidance on identifying and managing bias in AI.

EqualAI works with organizations to ensure they are aware of and adopt responsible AI governance practices. The launch of the EqualAI AIA comes at a time when business leaders are rushing to use Generative AI widely, sparking concern about the potential harms it may inflict upon vulnerable populations.

"While Generative AI systems feel fresh and exciting, they must be used responsibly to avoid perpetuating unconscious bias and systemic inequalities in our society," said Miriam Vogel, President and CEO of EqualAI. "Our enthusiasm for these transformative technologies cannot distract us from applying best practices for responsible AI governance."

The EqualAI Algorithmic Impact Assessment is now available on EqualAI's website. In addition to the AIA, EqualAI's existing resources on reducing bias in AI can all be applied to the creation and ongoing use of Generative AI systems, including:

  • The EqualAI Framework and Checklist: best practices resources that outline steps for business leaders to reduce bias in their AI systems.
  • The EqualAI Badge© Program: in collaboration with the World Economic Forum, this training prepares senior executives at companies developing or using AI for critical functions to ensure their brand is known for its responsible and inclusive practices.
  • The "In AI We Trust?" podcast: as a resource for ongoing education, this podcast surveys the global landscape for inspiration and best practices in the AI space, with guests ranging from members of Congress and civil society to academics and business leaders from LinkedIn, LivePerson, Microsoft and PepsiCo and many more.
  • EqualAI Membership: a community of like-minded corporate leaders and experts with exclusive access to EqualAI training, events, and workshops.

"At LivePerson, we're proud to have had leaders from our technology, legal, and HR departments become EqualAI-certified. It's critically important to hold ourselves accountable to creating AI that benefits not only the bottom line, but also everyone who is impacted by our technology," said EqualAI co-founder and LivePerson founder and CEO Rob LoCascio. "It's not too late to build responsible governance into the systems we use to leverage the power of Generative AI for better business outcomes, but it will require business leaders to work together to build trustworthy AI for all."

"Generative AI holds massive promise to transform how we live and work, but it also comes with significant risks if we don't all do our part to hold it to ethical standards," said Reggie Townsend, Director of the Data Ethics Practice at SAS and member of the EqualAI Board of Directors. "Organizations that want to do right by their employees, customers, and other stakeholders should leverage resources like EqualAI's AIA, Checklist, and Badge Program to mitigate the risks and unleash the potential of AI."

To learn more about reducing bias in artificial intelligence, visit EqualAI's website and LivePerson's blog.

About EqualAI
EqualAI is a nonprofit organization that was created to reduce unconscious bias in the development and use of artificial intelligence (AI) by promoting responsible AI governance. AI is transforming our society — enabling important and exciting developments that were unimaginable just a few years ago. With these immense benefits comes significant responsibility. Together with leaders and experts across industry, academia, technology, and government, EqualAI is developing standards and tools to increase awareness and reduce bias, as well as identifying regulatory and legislative solutions. EqualAI's CEO & President Miriam Vogel also serves as Chair of the National AI Advisory Committee (NAIAC).

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