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LivePerson Unveils MultiCARE Solution
May 15, 2002
Real-Time Support Software Enables Online Customers to Help Themselves

NEW YORK, NY - May 15, 2002 - LivePerson, Inc. (NASDAQ: LPSN), a pioneer of online real-time communications, today launched LivePerson MultiCARE, an integrated customer self-service and secure email platform to complement its industry leading business instant messaging product, LivePerson Corporate Chat.

MultiCARE offers unique technology allowing customers to search and find answers in several content areas simultaneously. Customers can search a powerful FAQ knowledgebase, a document library with downloadable content and indexed website pages. For questions not effectively resolved through self-service, MultiCARE provides customers with a completely secure inquiry management platform to route questions to service operators. The multi-channel approach used by MultiCARE assures that helpful content is accessible by customers in real time and that customers use higher touch channels such as phone, email and chat only when necessary.

"Full service support solutions have become a necessary tool for companies looking to provide superior customer service, while decreasing online customer interaction costs," said Robert LoCascio, CEO of LivePerson. "With its productivity enhancement features and the lower customer interaction costs resulting from self-service, MultiCARE is particularly attractive to financial service firms and large corporations seeking to help their customers in a cost effective manner."

  The LivePerson MultiCARE capabilities include:

  *  Multi-Content Self Service Engine
     Customers can ask questions in plain English to get their answers.
     Advanced theme-based and syntax searches of the questions, using a
     natural language processing engine, provide customers with
     comprehensive, accurate answers to questions by pulling content from
     all available electronic information assets including:  FAQ databases,
     published web content and sales or service documents.

  *  Searchable Document Library
     Customers can download product brochures, owner's manuals, sales
     presentations, and account applications in MS Word, PowerPoint, PDF or
     Text format. The MultiCARE system reviews each request and then scans
     the document content to suggest appropriate material.

  *  Secure Inquiry Management
     MultiCARE provides a completely secure private messaging platform to
     address customer questions not resolved through self-service.
     Questions are sent to the system where they are routed to the
     appropriate operator for response.  The status of the current inquiry
     and all previous inquiries are displayed to the customer for easy
     reference in the MultiCARE window.

  *  Flexible Routing Technology and Auto Suggest
     Route inquiries to a general pool or route to specific operators based
     on skill set using a skill-based routing engine.  The MultiCARE system
     automatically suggests pre-approved responses to operators as well as
     complete access to the FAQ knowledgebase to improve operator
     effectiveness in responding to customers. Routing sequence is pre-
     engineered to integrate automatically with LivePerson Corporate Chat or
     any third party email management system without modification.

Ameritrade Plus, IndyMac Bank, Radian Guaranty Mortgage, and the Empire State Building are some of the LivePerson clients using the MultiCARE platform to service their customers.

To arrange a demo of the LivePerson MultiCARE solution please visit .

About LivePerson

LivePerson ( is a leading Application Service Provider (ASP) of technology facilitating real-time sales and customer service for companies doing business on the Internet. The LivePerson services enable online businesses to communicate securely with Internet users, thereby enhancing the online experience. With LivePerson solutions, consisting of Chat, real-time marketing and selling tools and MultiCARE (a self-service and secure email platform), LivePerson offers clients the opportunity to increase sales; lower customer service costs and increase responsiveness to customer needs. LivePerson is headquartered in New York City.

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