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Dentsu Isobar announces new collaboration with LivePerson
Jun 7, 2016
Integration between Dentsu’s TONARIWA platform and LiveEngage will enable businesses to connect with consumers on LINE (Originally released in Tokyo; Translated from Japanese)

June 7, 2016, Tokyo -- Dentsu Isobar announced a new collaboration with LivePerson. By integrating LiveEngage capabilities with TONARIWA message delivery platform service, businesses will be able to directly communicate with consumers on LINE. 

This capability will enable companies using LINE to respond to customers’ inquiries via the LiveEngage interface. As this system provides a more seamless point of contact between businesses and customers than the conventional web-based chat services, it gives businesses the ability to optimize customer service and better cater to customer needs and behavior.

The Road Ahead

We at Dentsu Isobar are committed to expanding the TONARIWA service so that it more extensively caters to the messaging service needs of the expanding global market. Our plan for the future is to develop this into a solution that enables optimal communication through the horizontal integration of multiple messaging services.

Profiles of Each Service


This is a message delivery platform service provided by Dentsu Isobar Inc. that has made possible one-to-one communication management through the use of LINE Business Connect. The service makes available an extensive array of functions, starting with basic functions such as segment delivery, form making, and analytics, as well as optional functions that are dedicated to promotion or commerce, respectively.

- LiveEngage

LiveEngage is an enterprise-class, cloud-based platform provided by LivePerson, Inc. (NASDAQ: LPSN).  It allows businesses to connect with their customers across their digital channels, via online and mobile messaging. More than 18,000 businesses, including Adobe, Citibank, EE, IBM, Orbitz, PNC and The Home Depot rely on the unparalleled intelligence, security and scalability of LiveEngage to reduce costs, increase lifetime value and create meaningful connection with consumers.

- LINE Business Connect

This is a service that enables businesses to customize their LINE deployment with a host of account functions through the APIs provided by LINE Corporation. The use of LINE Business Connect not only enables the one-way delivery of messages to LINE users that are sent from conventional official business accounts, but also makes possible the sending of messages that have been optimized for particular users. And with the consent of users, the integration of existing databases owned by businesses with internal systems and LINE accounts transforms this into a service that transcends the realm of mere message delivery tools to enable even use as a customer relation management (CRM) tool and operation solution tool*. 

* This does not give LINE possession of the customer data that is on the LINE accounts of businesses.

* For details, go to

Profile of Dentsu Isobar

・Company name: Dentsu Isobar Inc.

・Headquarters:1-13-1, Tsukiji, Chuo-ku, Tokyo

・Date of establishment: January 1, 2016

       (Digital Palette, Dentsu Isobar's predecessor was established in April 2001)

・Capital: JPY400M

・No. of employees: 332

・Businesses: Provision of digital solutions and services

・Representative: Hidetoshi Tokumaru, President & CEO


Profile of LivePerson:

・Company name: LivePerson, Inc.

・Headquarters: 475 Tenth Avenue, New York, NY 10018, USA

・Date of establishment: 1995

・No. of employees: 1,000

・Representative: Robert P. LoCascio


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