LotLinx Partners with Contact At Once! to Offer Chat and Text on Mobile Optimized Vehicle Detail Pages and Online Advertising
Mar 23, 2018

ATLANTA, March 23, 2018 /PRNewswire/ -- Contact At Once!, a LivePerson company (NASDAQ: LPSN), and LotLinx, the industry's #1 Automotive /AI/™, today announced their certified partnership to integrate CAO! chat and text on dealership websites and in advertising listings on 48 automotive shopping sites, with more to come.

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Dealers use advertising campaigns powered by LotLinx VIN-Specific™ /AI/ to deliver in-market vehicle shoppers directly to mobile-optimized landing pages (LotLinx CX-AMP) that create up to 5x more VDP (Vehicle Description Pages) conversions. Because LotLinx /AI/ customizes campaigns to move specific inventory, vehicle turn rate increases by 78% on average for their customers.

Contact At Once! allows consumers to chat or text from VDPs on desktop or mobile, whether originating on the dealership website, or through advertising sites. It is the only messaging platform that can be integrated directly into advertising listings, enabling connections between shoppers and dealers from a variety of offsite media, including online advertising marketplaces. Adding chat and text messaging to online advertising has been proven to increase sales engagements by 20% or more.

"The majority of consumers' first impressions are going to originate somewhere other than the dealership website and we know that consumers looking at VDPs are typically low-funnel shoppers," says Denise Chudy, Contact At Once! General Manager. "This partnership allows dealers to immediately connect with shoppers from VDP pages wherever they're shopping, whether it's on the dealership website or from advertising-even search and social."

Immediacy is crucial in a mobile-centric shopping landscape where consumers want information flow to be fast and seamless. "Reducing the time it takes to connect with mobile shoppers should be a top priority of every dealers' digital marketing strategy," says Keith Schuyler, LotLinx Vice President of Client Services. "One of the most effective ways of doing that is offering consumers the ability to chat or text from VDP pages where we know LotLinx /AI/-identified buyers are searching."

Chudy points out that dealers can go one step further and integrate CAO! messaging with digital retailing apps so that low-funnel shoppers can even start some of the buying process online. "With the help of CAO's Live Advisors, consumers can go from VDP to digital retailing apps and be well on their way to having paperwork completed before they visit the dealership, speeding the buying process even more for dealers and consumers," she says. "Our industry's goal should be making auto shopping as simple, fast and painless as it can possibly be for the consumer."

Both LotLinx (Booth 5058C) and Contact At Once! (Booth 4670C) will be at NADA with details of the LotLinx certified partner integration program and how dealers can take advantage, along with new technologies for both companies, including /AI/, UX advancements and digital retailing integrations. 

About LotLinx
LotLinx is an award-winning Automotive /AI/ company dedicated to empowering automotive dealers and the agencies that work with them, up to the OEM level. LotLinx VIN-Specific™ /AI/ can transform dealer results, dramatically increasing online engagement and net-new shoppers while eliminating digital advertising waste. Founded in 2012 and based in Chicago, LotLinx works with thousands of dealers including rooftops under the nation's Top 100 auto groups, and recently expanded into the Canadian market. For more visit www.lotlinx.com

About Contact At Once!
Contact At Once!, a LivePerson company, helps create satisfying connections and build relationships between auto shoppers and dealers by making it easier for consumers to ask questions and get information in the micro-moments when they shop—whether on a brand or retailer site, via online advertising, on social media and more. Contact At Once! is the industry's leading provider of messaging platforms with over 17,000 businesses using our solutions to build relationships with online, mobile shoppers. For more information, visit www.contactatonce.com.

About LivePerson, Inc.
LivePerson makes life easier by transforming how people communicate with brands. LiveEngage, the Company's enterprise-class platform, empowers consumers to stop wasting time on hold with 1-800 numbers, and instead message their favorite brands, just as they do with friends and family. More than 18,000 businesses, including Adobe, Citibank, HSBC, EE, IBM, L'Oreal, Orange, PNC and The Home Depot rely on the unparalleled intelligence, security and scalability of LiveEngage to reduce costs, increase lifetime value and create meaningful connection with consumers.

For more information about LivePerson (NASDAQ: LPSN), please visit www.liveperson.com.

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